Complaints procedure

Complaints procedure based on the Civil Code and applies only to goods whose claim is properly applied

within the warranty period.

Please read the detailed warranty.

Agreement with the Complaints Procedure

Consent to the complaint procedure confirms the buyer signing the invoice or receipt of goods from the carrier and the affirmation that his signature. Receipt of goods by the moment when the goods are taken from the carrier or picked up at the post office.

Duty control.

The buyer is obliged to check the delivery, if not in any way visibly damaged or destroyed. If the shipment is damaged, the buyer does not accept the shipment and immediately contact If the buyer finds any difference between the invoice and actually delivered the goods, or have received the consignment invoice - tax document, he shall immediately inform, failure to do so runs the risk that subsequent warranty claims will not be accepted.

Claims for shipments may only be applied at the supplier.

Warranty refunds will not be made mainly of goods:


  • damaged elements such as water, fire, lightning or other electrical discharge and similar
  • past-expiry date of the submission (delivery) of goods to the complaint
  • mechanically damaged
  • without proof of purchase origin
  • damaged by misuse contrary to the instructions for use or the use of the standard of goods
  • goods damaged by improper servicing


What to do in case of a claim?

If there is a problem, for example. We did not quite right goods, or during the use of any discovered defect, please follow the instructions.

Goods occurred in defective container

In this case, it is better not to accept the shipment, or with doručovatelkou inspect the consignment, whether it is complete and in the original packaging. In any case, doručovatelka obliged to write your application protocol the damaged shipment as it is a document you arrive within 24 hours. from receipt to your respective branch of the Czech Post and apply the claim on the damaged item. Do not send goods to us, the complaint must be filed within 24 hrs. From taking over and if you first send the shipment in our company is wrong and you such claim will not be able to recognize.

Product was packaged for sale, but is mechanically damaged in transport

Send goods to us at the above address, we will replace the goods within 7 days and we will send new goods.

Product was okay, but you found defects on it

If you discover a defect to goods (and over time), check by proof of purchase if the goods under warranty (functional warranty is typically 24 months unless otherwise stated), if the goods are in warranty please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. By prior arrangement, please send merchandise with a copy of the purchase receipt to the address of our company. We will be as soon as possible and positive settlement.

The cost of transportation complaint to the office borne by the buyer as well as the risk and liability for damage to the shipment transportation, so we recommend you insure the shipment. handled your complaint within 30 days.


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