FLESHLESS - Grinding (Die Hard)

FLESHLESS - Grinding (Die Hard) Genre Death Metal
Country Czech Republic
Years active 1993 - present
WEB http://bandzone.cz/fleshless


The group was formed in 1993 by merging groups ZVRATOR and GARBAGE DISPOSAL and this line-up after half a year recorded their debut demo Stench Of Rotting Heads, which are sold worldwide, more than 700 copies .. Less than half a year, members of the GD goes back to the GD of the re and Vladimir and Michal get together with drummer and guitarist Hans Luďek from Zvrator..This new new line-up made new songs and made the mini tour with brutal death / grind EXULCERATION from Switzerland in the Czech Republic and few concerts with today well known DISBELIEF .. yet again bassist Curo joined FLESHLESS and this line-up recorded legendary demo GRINDING in the studio Hostivař at autumn of 1994, thanks that the band opened up completely new possibilities such as concerts with KRABATHOR, DARK SIDE, DISFIGURED CORPSE and especially groundbreaking concert in Teplice club together with CANNIBAL CORPSE, SAMAEL and DESULTORY !!! Soon after, it goes to the first foreign concert in Germany on the festival organized by Morbid records where band played with DEAD INFECTION, AGATHOCLES and much more ..

Albums (1)
Songs (11)

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